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The Fat Loss Factor Plan, developed by Dr. Michael Allen, promotes weight loss, health and fitness. Dr. Allen, a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician, developed this weight loss system during years of successfully helping many clients lose weight in his clinic. He developed his Fat Loss Factor Plan which is now available for down load in PDF form. The following is a review of the program.

The Fat Loss Fitness Plan is different then most diet programs in that it involves an initial detoxification of the liver. This cleansing reves up the metabolism and removes the stress of those toxins. The success of the diet depends on liver cleansing, as a healthy liver is key to a metabolism that uses food energy, instead of storing it away as fat. When the liver is stressed, the body stores fat. This fat can be really hard to lose. The livers cleanse paves the way for that weight loss.

The next step involves eating metabolism boosting foods, such as protein, complex carbohydrate and the right forms of fiber. This short phase of the plan is necessary to reset the body`s metabolism to enhance the cleansing of the liver.

Next a balanced and healthy diet is followed, with along with working out. The diet plan is easy to follow, a recipe book is included, also information on shopping, which foods to avoid and which to buy. Information is provided on grocery shopping, so you can buzz in and out of that store before the cupcakes ensnare you.

Dr. Allen de-stresses the diet plan by providing information and menus so you can easily figure out what you should be eating. No more staring into the refrigerator, after work, trying to figure out what to eat. Meals are planned for you, or you can use his information to plan your own. He provides a video with information on eating out, rating different choices in restaurants, so you can make good choices if you eat out, so a night out won’t sabotage the diet.

The Fat Loss Factor includes work outs for 3 levels of exercise, rookie, intermediate and advanced, so anyone can complete routines, whatever their initial level of fitness. Each level of exercise brings some effort which is necessary to keep the body at its optimal fat burning level. The cardio and strength training exercises included in the 15 minute workouts are easy to follow. Cardio and strength training are well documented to be the most effective exercises for weight loss. Cardio exercises speed up the metabolism, increasing weight loss. Strength training adds muscle, burning more fat, and improving appearance as jiggly fat gives way to toned muscle. Energy levels increase with healthy eating habits and good exercise. Time goes by, weight drops, and you look and feel better.

Diet, liver health, exercise and email support combine in the Fat Loss Factor Program to help you lose weight have more energy, and a healthier lifestyle.